This blog entry will be about me and my experience as a European Solidarity Corps volunteer at Schulgarten Montessori School in Telfs, Austria. My name is Naim EFE, and  I am from Turkey. With a background in English teaching, I decided to do a year-long volunteer work to make a meaningful impact on society while improving my perspective and skills. It has been over six months, and everything has been excellent. The kids are so unique, and the teachers are highly supportive.

At Schulgarten, I work with P2 children aged 9 to 12. My work there is mainly assisting students with their studies and helping teachers. I sometimes lead engaging English lessons or conduct conversation classes with the Seku group, aged 13 to 15. It has been a rewarding experience, promoting cultural exchange and language development. However, the things we do at school are not limited to those activities. Together with the children, we cook, go on excursions in nature, train in the training, and many more. Sometimes, I also participate in teacher meetings, and seeing the background of organizing and working as a team has given me insights about education, planning, and thinking outside of the box. The warmth and support of the school community, together with the students’ enthusiasm, have made it an unforgettable learning experience. Therefore, Schulgarten is more special than any other school, and being a part of it made me learn and improve. I am genuinely grateful to be here as a volunteer, part of their team, and, most importantly, to help the communities.


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