I am Lauréane, I live in Hall in Tirol, a lovely city in the middle of the astonishing Austrian Alps. I am an EuSC volunteer (European Solidarity Corps), staying for 10 and half months at Kulturlabor Stromboli, a cultural organisation.

After 21 years of living in France, I decided to do a long-term volunteering abroad. I deeply wanted to experiment, to challenge myself by going out of my comfort zone and to immerse myself in a new culture, for a long period. I desired to understand what life, my life, could be like besides of my studies (I have a degree in Social and Human Sciences).

I chose Stromboli for its diversity of projects but mostly for what the people working there spread; sincerity and kindness. Between concerts of all musical genres, various theaters, workshops for children, literary meetings and much more, Stromboli is a small culture laboratory. I went to a new country with my two suitcases, by myself, without knowing what to expect and I met fantastic people and a team open-minded and present like a family for me.

Lately, I find myself smiling stupidly. I am deeply happy here, in such a peaceful, pure way. My friends are inspiring, full of projects, always ready for new adventures and this relaxing nature allows me to practice my passion for skiing. I live in a cocoon, surrounded by proud and dominating mountains.

6 months… 6 months that I have lived in Hall in Tirol and worked at Stromboli. The cultural world is now an integral part of my life and will remain so. Bringing people together around culture is a real pleasure for me, even more than that! I am meeting so many different artists from Tirol but also from all around Europe. I would not ask more to know about the cultural world and the Tyrolean culture!

I don’t think I can share with you what I have learned through experience here; experience is lived more than it is transmitted. But what I can assure you is that I would encourage anyone who has a project, to take the plunge and jump into the unknown. How scary … and exciting … and disconcerting … and invigorating it is!

Volunteering allows me to have a sincere relationship with other people, a direct exchange without monetary expectations. It gives meaning to my life and hope for the future. As I meet other young people invested as volunteers, I realise that we truly participate in building a society closer to our values. I would like to build my life around the relationship with others, to bring human warmth and trust between individuals, to show that we can love and help each other by developing empathy and benevolence.

I deeply thank all the people around me who have guided me on this project, a project in which I would not have participated if I had not been supported. And all the people who make my life so beautiful today. Thank you <3

I have 4 months left here, and I can’t wait to find out what’s in store for me… Let’s continue to discover, learn and wonder.

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