Dear Past Júlia,

Today, as I looked back, I remembered how scary was for you to take that plane to Austria. I decided to write this letter to let you know how proud and grateful I am for that brave decision you made. Ever since you took that bold step, I’ve been facing one fear after another, shaping the person I am today.

junge Frau mit Kopfhörern

In our school days, you used to avoid raising your voice, because you believed that letting yourself be seen was too risky and painful. Fortunately, you gained confidence over the years, to the point that I’m now hosting a weekly live radio show called ’12 Points to Eurovision’.

Foto einer Frau mit FächerYou were right about FREIRAD; they are all what they stated in that document you carefully read before applying to the Volunteering Solidarity Corps. They are an inspiring community radio where all ideas are welcomed. Definitely, it has been a safe space for me to experiment with the format and rediscover the joy of being a creative journalist. I’m grateful you persisted after that consuming internship in the music magazine. Today, my professional life is balanced, and my perfectionism no longer puts at risk my well-being.

This year abroad not only honed my professional skills but also revived forgotten hobbies. Over four years after quitting athletics, I found myself stepping onto an athletics track again. I guess the sporty and peaceful Innsbruck was the right place to start healing this ever-lasting wound. My cozy room became a haven for singing, reconnecting with the therapeutic power of music.

As I sit in the windowsill of my apartment, with amazing views of the mountains, I want to thank you for all those small steps you took, paving the way towards this long-term project. Short experiences abroad, therapy sessions, and English lessons—all contributed to my comfort in various situations and became life-saving tools that allowed me to connect with amazing people worldwide. Gruppe junger Frauen

Even though I’ve always valued all the past experience you’ve brought me, I now understand why you said you still felt unprepared. In truth, nobody is ready for an experience like this; what matters is having motivation and resilience. Along the way, I’ve picked up the rest: some useful German words, surprising life-hacks and all sorts of solutions for unpredictable obstacles.

Junge Frau auf einer LaufbahnTo finish with, I owe you an apology. Although I initially blamed you for leading me into the unknown, I now see how much I needed to reflect and navigate uncertainty after graduation. I´m glad I could finally explore all those questions that flooded your mind during your studies. Though I’m still seeking some answers, I’ve uncovered significant clues about life I’m craving to share with you. I can’t wait for the moment where our past and present selves merge to start a life together.

A big hug from your Present Self,


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