Hello, my name is Elif. I am 25 year old woman from Turkey. I have been selected as a volunteer for Arche Tirol in Austria. Remembering the first moment of I got accepted makes me realized that how far I’ve come! Before coming to Austria, I did not have much knowledge neither about the country nor about the culture. But being in her has taught me that this country is more beautiful than in my dreams!

I’m doing my voluntary project in such a special place. Arche Tirol is a home for people with disabilities. We share life together in here and create memorable moments for all of us. Everyone working here has been so nice and encouraging from the very first moment of me being here. They thought me every little detail of the project patiently. Arche Tirol has become a “home” for me because whether I am working or not, I’ve always felt that warmth.

I love all the people I’ve met here, I’ve had amazing friendships. They are beyond just being colleagues because we always try to spend some quality time together outside of work. I cannot believe how many amazing people I’ve met here in such a short period of time.

I’m grateful about this opportunity! I feel so lucky that I’ve been selected for this special project and had the chance to come to Austria. I’m now on the halfway of my voluntary project and am very excited about the second half. I believe that the best is yet to come! 🙂

Elif K.

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